Influencer Marketing

$ 200.00

Nano Influencer- 1k To 2k Flowers

Hi! I’m Apu. I am Bangladesh-based nano-influencer with real followers on Linkedin. Products I work with:

  • Beauty/Makeup
  • Fashion/Accessories
  • Home Office/Desk Decor
  • Digital Marketing Services

As a Nano-influencer, I have stronger relationships with my followers than a typical influencer, which benefits brands and companies. I have experience working with accessories,sanitary brands before. I will create high-quality content of the item(s) with editing. I can promote your brand through UGC videos or photos for your usage.

  1. I am open to receiving products to model.
  2. I will create high quality content and if it fits my niche, can post on my Linkedin.
  3. Quick turnaround time & friendly professional service.
  4. I am NOT open to adult content or dietary supplements.
  5. *Revision requests subject to extra fees, depending on scale of revision*
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